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What is a cookie

Cookies are small size files, downloaded on the user’s device at the moment, when the contents of the particular website is downloaded while using the website. Cookies contain summarized data on how the website is used, summarizing standard journal entry information (connection IP address, connection time, connection duration) and information on activities performed on the website.

Why cookies are necessary and what are their functions

One group of cookies is functionally and technically required cookies, without which proper functioning of the website would not be possible, because websites function in a way, that they do not maintain session statuses, namely, websites do not have their own memory; consequently, if a user browses various sections of the website, the user is not recognized as the same user. Cookies allow the website to recognize the user. Thereby, the main function of cookies is allowing the web server to receive information about the user’s session, used language, currency etc., and to ensure proper functioning of the website. This group of cookies also includes cookies, which ensure, that your choice to accept or reject the use of analytical cookies is saved, thus your choice is saved without asking for acceptance of cookies each time.

The second group of cookies is analytical cookies, which are necessary to help analysing the use of the website, for example, to understand activities of visitors on the website, thereby creating opportunities for improvement and development of website, which is more convenient for users, a visitor conduct analysis service tool ensured by Google Analytics is used, the use of which is a legitimate interest of the data controller to be able to exist, develop and perform its economic activity in the conditions of information society. At the same time, you are allowed to reject the use of analytical cookies, which means, that only functional cookies, without which functioning of the website is impossible, will be downloaded on your device.

The listing of particular cookies and the period of their existence is available here. [link]

Additional information about analytical cookies

For analytical cookies, Google inc. analytics service is used, which is ensured in accordance with Google Inc. Terms of Service and Google Analytics Terms of Service, and the objective of which is to carry out an assessment of conduct of website visitors and preparation of summarizing report for the data controller. Possibilities of your identification are reduced to minimum; however, the previously mentioned measures do not guarantee full data anonymization.

Analytical cookies opt-out options

First-time opt-out of analytical cookies is possible by selecting the respective element in the website notification on cookies.

You are entitled to change the web browser settings to opt-out of new cookies, disable (delete) the existing cookies or each time inform additionally about sending of new cookies to your device. Read more here: Be warned, that permanent prohibition of using cookies may cause problems with browsing of certain websites.

You can opt-out of analytical Google Analytics cookies also by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This add-on communicates with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate, that the information on visiting of the respective website cannot be sent to Google Analytics. We warn you, that using of the said tool is under your full responsibility and the tool is used according to the licence terms of the tool owner.

Policy amendments

Our Cookie Policy may be amended as necessary. The effective version of the Cookie Policy is published on the website.

Last changes made on 23 August 2018

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We are using cookies to ensure functioning and personalized contents of the website, and to analyse our data flow. We also share the information on how you are using our website with the partners who ensure analytics of behaviour of our users, who can combine this information with any other information you provide to them or they collect, when you are using their services. By continuing the use of our website, you accept the use of cookies Read more
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The mandatory cookies help to make the website usable, ensuring basic functions, for example, page navigation and access to secure places on the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

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The mandatory cookies help to make the website usable, ensuring basic functions, for example, page navigation and access to secure places on the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.