We are looking for Concrete factory Workers

Work in Finland



  • Production of concrete elements according to technical blueprints


We expect:

  • Previous experience in concrete panel factory is a must
  • Ability to read blueprints
  • At least basic English skills
  • European Union citizenship


We offer:

  • Salary starting from 13-15 EUR/H before taxes
  • Work starts in June 2024.
  • + 9 % holiday money  EUR / h, gross (every 2 weeks)
  • The employment contract will be signed with the employer in Finland
  • Long-term full-time work
  • All social guarantees
  • Paid vacation
  • Accommodation costs 200-400 EUR / month.
  • Growth opportunities
  • Paid first ferry ticket to Finland
  • Work schedule: 6 weeks in Finland, 2 weeks at home or 5 weeks work and 1 at home depending on factory schedule
  • Support in the employment process and throughout the employment period

We have a job offer for concrete workers.

A concrete panel factory in Finland has vacancies for concrete workers. Previous experience is required for the craftsmen, who want to apply for a job of a concrete worker. Concrete workers, who has manufactured reinforced concrete structures – concrete mass spouting and alignment are now having great opportunities for skilled and well-paid job in Finland. We are searching for professional and well-paid concrete workers with English language skills, ability to understand and read fluently technical drawings. For the concrete worker vacancy, the candidate should have an understanding of sandwich panels manufacturing. Working in Finland will ensure a quality of life by increasing remuneration from 10,00 to 15,00 euros per hour, after paying all taxes. A consistent salary will be paid to the concrete worker, on a regular basis after each two working weeks, just as provided in the previously concluded agreement. The company will not only provide a decent work environment for the craftsmen, but also comfortable and modern clothes of a concrete worker, conforming to the work specifics. A concrete worker vacancy in Finland could became a great start, an international work experience, invaluable for the further professional advancement.

It is also in the interest of Finnish employer to keep long-term and consistent labor relations, convenient and favorable for both the employer and the candidate of a concrete worker vacancy.

Work in Finland doesn’t mean giving up your family, friends and home in Latvia. To keep contacts with people, places and activities, which are important to you, after each four weeks of work, a concrete worker can go home to Latvia – a deserved rest for a week. Of course, it is not an obligation to take a vacation, if there is a need for additional income, a concrete worker can continue his work in Finland for more than four weeks in a row.

You don’t need to worry about getting to your place of vacancy in Finland, a ferry ticket is fully paid.

As for the accommodations, they are insignificant in comparison with the salary – only 200 euros per month.

This is a possibility to enter the Finland’s labor market, which have different prosperity, work ethics and working condition standards. In the light of world modern globalization tendencies, a distance to work in Finland is insignificant from the geographical point of view, but the difference in salary is quite substantial.

We will be waiting for your APPLICATION with a reference concrete worker vacancy at “button APPLY”

Publicēts: 06.08.2021
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