Who we are and what we do?

We are specialist on international recruiting. We do not offer our services directly to the end customers, our customers are recruiting companies located around the European Union, at the moment mainly in Finland.

We have many years experience in finding suitable workers for our international recruiting customers, whose customers works mainly in manufacturing, construction, transport and other industrial sectors.

Our workers are usually from Latvia, and they have always years of experience on working in specific sector. We provide only workers with very high professional skills.

Often our workers have previous experience on working with international companies in abroad, so adjusting to the new work culture is less difficult.

Through us you can find workers for days, weeks or years. Its all up to you and your needs. Throughout our cooperation, we will be the bridge between you and the worker.

We speak your language; as we are entrepreneurs with years of experience in different business sectors, we understand your needs and what your workers must be able to do keep your business running smoothly.

How the system works?

You give us a task to find a professional, you specify what kind of specialist you need, details about expected previous experience of a worker and estimation about the length of work period. We will find you several candidates and your task is to choose the ones you see right for you.

Before sending them to work for you, we make sure that workers are equipped with quality working clothes as well as other gears as you request. As you are a recruitment company working in your domestic market, we expect that you will provide for workers accommodation close to the working place. You will be employer of the worker, meaning that you pay salaries and taxes on behalf of the worker according to local laws, directly to local tax authority.

Contact Info

Terbatas iela 74a, LV-1001 Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 26333 533 (Latvian, English, Russian)
Phone: +358 40 9005140 (Finnish)
E-mail: info@oxyhr.eu

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